Welcome to a unique part-time work placement which will perfectly prepare you for future employment and fuel your career ambitions.

The North East of England has the country’s lowest rate of sustained employment or education following 16-18 study (see study).  This scheme addresses that problem for our region’s young people and aims to provide a route into employment, as well as teaching real life professional skills that will set you apart in your future career.

The programme has been developed in partnership with the college, ensuring that it never impacts students’ studies and features a high level of professional support and tutoring.

Being based entirely on-campus, THE FUTURE HUB makes this experience accessible for all students.

Working in association with

Hartlepool College

How we can
Fuel Your Future

Professional Experience

There are certain levels of professionalism required for any future job. The Future Hub will provide a grounding in these essentials, all from a convenient location on-campus.

Transferable Skills

No matter your career route, there are skills you’ll need to master. From improving your communication to learning how to sell, The Future Hub will set you up for success.

Earning Potential

Each session will have expenses covered with a £10 payment, covering food and transport. Then, an exciting rewards pyramid can see you earn growing rewards with each new client.

Features of the Hub

At GAS, we’re famous for the working life we provide for our colleagues.  It’s fast-paced, challenging and fun.  We were recently named as Glassdoor’s second best employer in the UK for work-life balance.  Here’s a taste of what we call #TheGASLife


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Ask Us Anything

If you have any burning questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our future talent team.