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Why battery storage could work for your site

More than ever, businesses are facing an increasingly volatile national grid, where limited site capacity and rising demand are seeing large energy consumers paying way above the odds during  peak times.

To combat excessive expenditure, many businesses are now moving towards a battery storage solution.  This involves storing electricity during off-peak hours to enable you to switch off from the national grid during expensive “red band” and triad periods.

Earn money for providing grid services

Installed batteries are fast acting and can deliver a dynamic frequency response back to the national grid.

Reduce your energy bill by avoiding:

Expensive Triad Charges, National Grid connectivity during DUoS Red Band hours and capacity market charges.

Avoid a grid connection upgrade

Smooth peaks in consumption to avoid a costly upgrade in Distribution Network operator (DNO) contracted capacity.

Ensure security of supply for your site

Keep your site running seamlessly through blackouts and voltage dips with an onsite Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

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Site Resilience

We’ve began using a new advancement in UPS technology which ensures onsite resilience through ultra fast response during grid interruption.

This UPS battery asset can also provide a similarly strong business case through load shifting to avoid peak charges and frequency regulation to earn a revenue.

This solution is particularly suited to sites that require a firm power supply to their critical assets.

How does the process work?

You get in touch

Contact us for a quick and easy-going chat to discuss battery technology, models available and the most appropriate battery storage for your site.

We analyse

Using Half Hourly (HH) data and basic site information, we will size and design a bespoke battery solution that fits your needs.

We bid

If our agreement includes Demand Side Response (DSR) provision, we will bid into National Grid’s tender process on your behalf.

We install & manage

We’ll take care of the hard work for you and ensure the battery is installed onsite and maintain the service for you long-term.

You save

Once operating, you can enjoy the benefits of discharging your energy supply at peak times, avoiding expensive triad and DUoS red band charges. 

We've already helped over 10,000 businesses just like you

At Great Annual Savings we provide cost effective solutions to a huge range of businesses and organisations, offering support with a number of services to suit their individual wants and needs.

Ready to start saving?

As experts in the energy procurement market, our team use their extensive industry knowledge to not only implment a battery storage solution, but also identify the most cost-effective energy deal by providing a complete end-to-end solution from start to finish.

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